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    How do you produce your music ?

    Using professional music hardware and software (cubase, plugin alliance, Focal alpha 50…), virtual instruments (kontakt and omnisphere libraries) and real instruments (guitar, bass, woodwinds…) in my production / mixing home studio based in Rennes city in France.

    What is a license ?

    In music, the notion of licensing refers to the authorized use by its composer of music protected by copyrights.

    It is necessary to acquire a license to be able to use the music of an artist, a composer or a producer on a video medium (film, games…) or audio (radio broadcast, podcast…).

    Contact me for more details on the licenses and their prices.

    What are your rates ?

    To use a track of my catalog, several licenses are available depending on the use that you will make of the music (will it end up on youtube ? will it broadcast on radio ? tv ? cinema ? etc…).

    For custom music, each project being unique and requiring different means of production, the prices also varies. They are generally calculated by the minute of music produced.

    Contact me for more information.